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  1. ogr2ogr geoprocessing

    Sometimes, one wants to do some really simple geoprocessing on a large numbers of shapefiles. While you could definitely use Spatialite for that, I would rather avoid this. ogr2ogr, on the other hand, provides handy access to Spatialite-like functionality. Let's say you wanted to produce a text file which ...

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  2. RideLondon data download

    So a quick post on how to get access the web-based data on rider timings for the RideLondon event. The idea is that you can access the cyclist timings, and then maybe do some statistics (or boost/depress your morale by looking at how your time compares to the wider ...

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  3. Stitching MODIS burned area datasets

    MODIS products are usually provided as data granules, representing the magnitude of interest (plus a number of different extra layers of metadata, quality assurance flags, etc) over a given temporal period for an area typically extending 1200 by 1200 km in the MODIS sinusoidal projection, around 10x10 degrees. Typically, your ...

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  4. Getting a box

    Let's say one wants to find out a box around a given latitude/longitude point. How to do this without GIS software using an artisan UNIX approach? Hell, if it works for coffee! The steps are as follows:

    1. Convert the centre point into UTM so we have meters rather ...
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  5. Downloading MODIS data with Python

    Recently, the USGS has closed their FTP download service for MODIS products, such as LAI, surface reflectance, etc. This is quite annoying, because I had a nice wget script that no longer works... So I decided to code a simple downloader in python that woud supersede my previous hacked together ...

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  6. SMP processing with multiprocessing

    This note details how to use parallel processing in python accessing shared memory. The usage case is when you have a process that reads in a lot of data, and where the data can be processed in parallel, such as when reading and processing images/stacks of images in a ...

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  7. Fast copying of files over the network

    A common requirement when dealing with processing large datasets over multiple networked machines is to have a local staging space: copy the data on the local disk to improve access speed and not to bog down a NFS server when all different processes start accessing different files all at once ...

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  8. Downloading Andalusian meteo data

    Many networks of automated meteo stations are around. In some places, the data are easy to access and therefore use. In some others, you have to go through a number of hoops. In Andalusia, it's a mixed bag: a number of independent networks are available for agricultural and environmental ...

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  9. How to extract spectra from image data using ground truth vector data

    Supervised classification of EO data uses a set of samples from known patterns (usually reflectance spectra) to decide whether a given pattern belongs to one class or another. In landcover applications, one goes to the field, and observes that a given location is indeed class $\omega_c$. These ground observations usually ...

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